IoT as a Service

Lomsa is IoT as a Service, that enables you to remotely control objects. With the help of Lomsa, you can reduce costs, get any information in seconds, save time and make the most of all the potential that the IoT has to offer the world.

What we do

If previously you had to be physically present in order to influence an object or a group of objects, if you had to spend resources on monitoring that group of objects, if the accuracy and speed of the information had so far depended on an individual employee, you can now take this outdated process to the next level by utilizing what we call 'remote control' at Lomsa.

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How we do

The Lomsa system consists of smart devices and IoT as a Service (i.e. IoTaaS). With a combination of these two, remote control is possible with a mobile app and various platforms. The advantage of Lomsa is that the devices, their operating systems and software communicate flawlessly with one another, this being due to every component, operation or protocol being made within the company, in accordance with the worldwide standards, which in itself guarantees maximum security and high quality performance.

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Why we do

The advancement of humanity and technology are closely linked. Now is the time when devices and applications are moving to a new, so-called artificial intelligence's stage and by communicating with each other, will be able to solve numerous problems that the world is facing nowadays. This system is called IoT (Internet of Things), more precisely a system of interconnected computing devices. Lomsa's goal is to enable the world to move to this stage, both large organizations and individuals.

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Gateway White


Lomsa Gateway controls all the devices in the network with the LSRF protocol we created, these devices are responsible for providing information to the gateway, and the gateway sends this data to the Lomsa platform with a secure and encrypted LNP protocol, which is eventually reflected on the user side, e.g. Lomsa app.
Gateway is networked as an Internet modem, has a 2-3 km coverage area, and works on Ethernet, Wifi and Mobile Data. In case of power outage, it automatically switches to the batteries and lasts for about 15-20 hours.

Easy to Install Through QR Code Scanning

Safe and Encrypted Information

Coverage area 3-4 km

No Needed of Internet and Electricity for Communication

Lomsa Application


In order to remotely connect to the gateway, manage devices, fully automate and use all the features offered by the Lomsa ecosystem, you need an app. It is completely free, made to modern standards and is being constantly updated / upgraded. You can install the Lomsa app on any platform; all you need is an internet connection.


Constantly Updated

Multi-platform (iOS, Android, Linux, macOS, Windows, Web)

Unlimited Number of Devices

Sensors and Devices


Lots of devices are made in Lomsa, these can be various sensors, relays, etc. These devices collect information and send it to the gateway, which is ultimately reflected on the user side. To give a simple example, the device can be a temperature sensor that sends current temperature and humidity to the gateway every 30 seconds; hence the user sees the updated information in the application every 30 seconds.

Easy Installation with One Click

Precise and Fast Data Delivery

Low Power Consumption, Economy

Safe and Encrypted Information

Feature and Benefits

Low Price
Since the entire system of Lomsa is made in Georgia, we avoid a lot of costs and additional taxes, which allows us to make Lomsa affordable to everyone.
Flexible System
Lomsa devices can operate without electricity and cable internet for years. Lomsa's flexible system can be adapted to the automation required for any object.
Easy to install
It takes about 30 seconds to install the gateway and /or existing devices. All you need is to scan the QR code from the application, download the device widget and it is ready.


Our services are focused on a wide range of areas, such as:

Industry IoT
  • Manufacturing, Production, Energy
  • Communications and Consumer Cooperative
  • Healthcare and Life Sciences
  • Real Estate, Financial Institutions, etc.
Business IoT
  • Offices, Malls, Buildings
  • Machinery and Devices
  • Infrastructure and Development
  • Agriculture, Consumer Services, etc.
Consumer IoT
  • Smart Houses and Cottages
  • Real Estate
  • Cars and Automotive
  • Various Household Devices
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